I went on this website called and it gives all the latest news about the twilight cast and the movies. These are my THEROYS.

The first picture (theroy) shows you when kate is using her power and Bella and Edward are looking at her.

Next pictures shows when (you see this in the trailer) Edward sees Bella sniffing Jacob.

This one is when Edward and Bella in the Meadow like always talking.

And this is when Bella is Reborn with her Red Eyes

And these two lasts photo's i have been waiting. In the book it says that Bella got mad at jacob (becuz she notice something with him and Renesmee and thats when she new he imprinted on her baby) and in stead of hurting Jacob she hurts Seth.P.S Seth why you got to get in the way i want to see Jacob and Bella fight if that happen thats going to be a good fight. You no Jacob is not going to fight, beat her Butt i no shes a girl but shes a vampire so beat her up if she dose it to u .


And sorry i mad mistakes in other blogs:*(

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