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    Hello Everyone!

    I thought I would share these two website links with everyone because that is just how nice I am. HAHA!

    The first link is to a website where you can download New Moon door hangers for free! I will try to post a photo of mine later :)

    Note: They are only one sided.

    The other wedsite is where you can edit a photo of Edward from New Moon and have your own photo put beside his. There is also a Bella one but it is in a different language. When you click on the link and the website comes up, search "Twilight" then the pic should come up. = English

    I hope you enjoy these two website links! Please comment if you ha…

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  • Twilight=Mylife

    Hi Everybody!

    January 4, 2013 by Twilight=Mylife


    Im new to wiki.

    Just thought I would write a short blog. :D

    I think that Stephenie Meyer should publish Midnight Sun, it would be epic. I read the biography on her and she said that she might publish it if nobody mentions it to her for like a year!

    I also think that she should write books on Renesmee when she is older. That would be cool.

    I wonder if Renesmee and Jacob could have kids? But what would they be? Half werewolf and half vampire/human hydrid? Would it be a vampire that can change into the form of a wolf?


    I cannot think of anything else so see ya!

    (Btw: sorry if I spelt something wrong) 

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