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Team Jacob or Team Edward? Why?

== Give the reasons why you chose to be on Team Edward or Team Jacob...==


When I started reading the Twilight Saga, I was very into Edward. The fact that having an indestructible, handsome vampire as someone you love was usually a fantasy for most girls. But then when the rest of the saga came out, I started to sympathize more with Jacob rather than with Edward. Why? Not because Jacob is hotter than Edward, but because of the fact that I can actually relate to Jacob and Leah. ( minus the shape shifting, of course... ) Especially when Eclipse came out, where Leah Clearwater's story was mentioned. Jacob and Leah both loved someone who doesnt love them the way they wanted to be loved. I (sort of...) love someone who already has his own "Emily..." So, eversince then...



What about you?

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