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My Name :D lol

Hi, my name is Sierra nice to meet all of you fellow Twi-hards :D haha I don't think I've ever told anyone on here that my name is Sierra (Have I?) lol I'm not sure. That's where the "SiSi" came from in TooPreddieSiSi! And idk why I put 'too preddie' (preddie=pretty) I guess I felt really self-centered that day and wanted to spell 'pretty' wrong haha I was going to change it, but pretty much everyone around here knows me by TooPreddieSiSi, so it stuck (: BUT that was random. I REALLY can't wait to see Breaking Dawn :D 13 more dayssssssss! (Even though I'm not seeing it on the 18th lol :p )

- Love TooPreddieSiSi (aka Sierra lol)

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