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  • TooPreddieSiSi

    My Thank You's

    November 13, 2011 by TooPreddieSiSi

    So appearently my page was vandalized and a contributor deleted everything on my talk page? I really don't see why people do those type of things...If you hate Twilight or Me so much, then why are you on my page and on this site in the first place? I was kind of upset about this, but everything is now under control and back to how it was (:

    I just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to LuckyTimothy ,TeamTaycobsessiveObnoxiousMoronicBlackNike'sGirl, Bellscullen, and any other users that saw this and took action or let me know what was going on. It was greatly appreciated (: If you guys or any one of my friends on this wiki needs something or help with anything, I am here!

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  • TooPreddieSiSi

    My Name :D lol

    November 5, 2011 by TooPreddieSiSi

    Hi, my name is Sierra nice to meet all of you fellow Twi-hards :D haha I don't think I've ever told anyone on here that my name is Sierra (Have I?) lol I'm not sure. That's where the "SiSi" came from in TooPreddieSiSi! And idk why I put 'too preddie' (preddie=pretty) I guess I felt really self-centered that day and wanted to spell 'pretty' wrong haha I was going to change it, but pretty much everyone around here knows me by TooPreddieSiSi, so it stuck (: BUT that was random. I REALLY can't wait to see Breaking Dawn :D 13 more dayssssssss! (Even though I'm not seeing it on the 18th lol :p )

    - Love TooPreddieSiSi (aka Sierra lol)

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  • TooPreddieSiSi

    I'm soooo happy about these wolf pack stills! and also to see Collin and Brady (:They look so small haha, cute though! I can't wait to see the movie! Ohh and also the stills of the (:

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  • TooPreddieSiSi

    What does everyone think of the new teaser preview to the new trailer coming out on September 13th? I liked it, even though it's only 16 seconds long. I especially thought the ending was interesting with the wolf pack and all. Below is the link where you can watch the teaser preview and a picture of Bella from the preview ( she definantly looks how SM described her in the book . . . horrible ! lol)

    ( You can also see the teaser preview in various places, i just picked this link )

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  • TooPreddieSiSi

    More Teaser Posters (:

    September 9, 2011 by TooPreddieSiSi

    Okay so i know i dont really do that many blogs, so i though this would be the perfect chance (: These are teaser posters of edwards and bella and Jacob and the wolf pack (:

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