Five Months. Five Months since the coming of Reneesmar, since the demon daughter and her hell-nest killed the Volturi and deprived the entire species of a real government. Five Months since Reneesme Cullen revealed the existence of Vampires and Skin-Walkers to the rest of the Universe so that living and undead could live together in harmony and peace...

Too bad that couldnt have been farther from the end result. Almost the moment the Human's shock wore off they started to panic, Earth's billions were terrified and soon the planetary government was overwhelmed by the mayhem. Reluctantly Earth declared a state of emergency; of course, it wasnt long before the rest of the Galaxy figured out that there were undead monsters lurking around their planets. Then the Orange Catholic Church made up their mind on how to solve the issue. The High Kea'lir of the Church, Jomanus Nal'hirdro, declared a Galaxy wide Jihad against the Undead and Skin-Walkers, calling the Billions of the Church's faithful to eliminate their unholy scourge and cleanse the stars in the name of God. Within two weeks thousands of Undead and Demons were arrested and destroyed. Vampyre and Vampire alike were shot, smashed, disembowled and crucified. They were cut apart and burned in great furnaces painted with icons of the Lord Christ and the Theotokos. Skin walkers had their throats cut and were skinned by Hindustani priests with Kukri Knives of silver. In the Shadow of Zensufi Mosques, demons were beheaded and dipped in molten lead. Less than a month after the declaration of the Jihad, Nal'hirdro gave a sermon blessing all of the Jihadis in the Galaxy. Then, with the entirety of the Empire watching, beheaded Reneesme Cullen and burned her body to ashes.

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