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  • Tolas of Brand

    Five Months. Five Months since the coming of Reneesmar, since the demon daughter and her hell-nest killed the Volturi and deprived the entire species of a real government. Five Months since Reneesme Cullen revealed the existence of Vampires and Skin-Walkers to the rest of the Universe so that living and undead could live together in harmony and peace...

    Too bad that couldnt have been farther from the end result. Almost the moment the Human's shock wore off they started to panic, Earth's billions were terrified and soon the planetary government was overwhelmed by the mayhem. Reluctantly Earth declared a state of emergency; of course, it wasnt long before the rest of the Galaxy figured out that there were undead monsters lurking around their pl…

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  • Tolas of Brand

    Jodo dropped low to the turf, examining the imprints in the grass. The tracks were slight and even he had trouble seeing them much less recognizing them. But he was able to make out the general direction of the tracks, light hardly visible stamps in the dusty ground, heading off into a heavy cluster of scrub trees. He stood and quietly continued into the brush.

    In the dark wooded grove a dark figure skulked through the darkness, appearing more a shadow than anything else, a spot of black pitch in the night, the specter strode into a patch of moonlight, the figure now clearly a male with young attractive features. His pale lips split as he sniffed the air, revealing a pair of sharp fangs below a pair of gleaming amber eyes. He surveyed the b…

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