• Tokka is the epicness

    When all is said and done and dead/does he love you the way that I do?

    Jasper was mad. Enraged, actually. If he hadn't tried to attack Bella, she wouldn't have gotten hurt, then Carlisle wouldn't have had to stitch her up, and they wouldn't be together.

    Breathing in lightning/tonight's for fighting.

    "Stay away from her, Carlisle."

    "Why should I? I love her, Jasper."

    I feel the hurt/so physical.

    Think twice before you touch my girl/come around I'll let you feel the burn.

    Carlisle felt the venom from Jasper's attack. Bella was worried, but the doctor in the next room didn't want to be bothered.

    Think twice before you touch my girl/come around come around no more.

    Jasper thought about leaving. Just packing up and going somewhere far away.

    Think twice b…

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  • Tokka is the epicness

    She's upset/bad day. "Everybody just leave me alone, okay?"

    Heads for the dresser drawer to/drive her pain away.'

    Nothing good can come of this.

    "Bella, what's wrong? Talk to us.""No, Carlisle. Just leave me alone."

    She opens it/there's nothing.

    There is only leftover tears.

    Tears kept falling. Bella didn't know how to stop them.

    Mom and Dad had no right she screams."Charlie had no right to say that! He doesn't know anything about us."

    As the anger runs down both of her cheeks.

    Then she closed her eyes.

    Carlisle was scared. Not that he wasn't always scared when Bella was involved, but the radio was blaring and Bella hadn't made a sound for nearly an hour.

    And found relief in a knife.

    Bella smiled. The pain was gone at last.

    The blood flows as she cries.…

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  • Tokka is the epicness

    hey guys! i need some help.

    I want to write a story about bella/carlisle, and I have the title all thought up, but i can't seem to think of anything else.

    Title is Silver Comet.

    If u guys can come up with a start, I will choose the best one and try to expand on it.

    Credit will be given to the winner, jsyk.

    Thx all!!!!

    Bellisle: edgy, forbidden, enchanting! 17:44, November 19, 2010 (UTC)

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