aka Joshua Quinto

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on February 12
  • My occupation is none
  • I am Male
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    New image !

    August 14, 2010 by Tobiedward08

    NEW IMAGE!!!!!!!!!

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  • Tobiedward08
    • Cullen members
    • Carisle Cullen - Control Smelling Blood
    • Esme Cullen -Passionate Love
    • Edward Cullen - Telepathy
    • Isabella Swan (Cullen) - Mental shield
    • Rosalie Hale (Cullen) - Beauty
    • Emmett (Cullen) - Enhanced Power and Speed
    • Alice Cullen - Clairvoyance
    • Jasper Hale (Cullen) - Empathy
    • Reneesme Cullen - Tactile Thought sharing Mental shield penetration

    The Olympic Coven, better known as the Cullen family, is a clan of vegetarian vampires. It consists of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, Emmett and Alice Cullen, Edward, Bella and Renesmee Cullen, as well as Jasper and Rosalie Hale. They are known to be very loyal to each other (in the film they are shown each wearing a piece of jewellery featuring the 'Cullen' family crest; (Jasper, Emmett and Edward each wear a w…

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