• Tibett

    A bad things about laser

    October 24, 2013 by Tibett

    Yesterday I did a bad thing with the laser pointer. Something like this: our company and other companies jointly organized a basketball game. As the boys of our company are relatively small, so the best basketball players are relatively small. We lost a few games. The girls those of us was watching are very anxious. I thought, at least a win will do. Otherwise, it will be too embarrassed. In the final game, the score is closed; the last one is that the other shot the ball, as long as no vote, we would win. Suddenly, I had an ideal that a few days ago I bought a laser pointer. So I quickly went to the office to take a laser pointer . At that moment, I used this laser to shoot the rival guy, the ball did not hit correctly. May be we would wi…

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