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As I was flipping disdainfully through a copy of breaking dawn as provided by my temp. English teacher to complete her "romance" unit, during which everyone in my sixth grade honors class had to read the entire Twilight Saga, a thought occurred to me. Are Zafrina and Reneesme's talents not identical? They both have the ability to project images into somebody else, but many fans will argue that the two talents are completely different. For one thing, Zafrina seems to conjure images in her mind before presenting them, while Reneseme can only project memories. This assumption is in fact false, as revealed when Nessie is first introduced to Tanya's clan. Although it is only mentioned in passing, Nessie shows Bella an image of herself showing Carmen her birth story using her talents. Of course, this has not happened yet, and Nessie is simply asking Bella if she can do this. So there's one difference shot down. Others will say that Zafrina can project images over a distance, while Nessie cannot. But whose to say that with practice, Nessie can learn to do this as well much the same as Bella does? Perhaps Zafrina started out with the same limitations as Nessie and trained herself to use her gift offensively in battle. If what I'm suggesting is in fact true, this reveals yet another gaping plot hole that actually exists even if this assumption is false. Why the bloody hell can Reneseme show Bella these images? Lets just say that for whatever reason, Nessie and Zafrina's talents are completely different. It still doesn't make any sense. Even though Nessie is putting information into Bella's mind rather then drawing it as Edward and Eleazar are supposed to do, isn't it still trespassing her otherwise impenetrable noggin? Fans will argue that because they are blood relatives (no pun intended) Nessie can trespass her mind, but what on earth does that got to do with it? More pretzel logic to cover for Myer's Swiss cheese plot. Talk amongst your selfs now...

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