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Hello humans of the world..........

how are you today? Good, great. Well today i found out that boo boo stewart is 17, SEVENTEEN i am shocked but he is still a fittie. He's a bit younger than the rest so i suppose its alright for me to be into him than the likes of kiowa gordon. Im 13, still at school SHOCKER. So thats only 4 yrs difference, soo its more appropriate. And i mean who the f*** can resisit boo boo, i mean look at him he is on hawwwwwwwwwt dog.

OMG look at him --------------------------------------> one hot boy. Nomonomomnomo. Any way since that's all i can think about ill leave you there, maybe fanfiction can help me. That right you got me i am still obsessed with fanfiction and PAUL nom. well i'm going to go now and eat some hairy i balls KIDDING what kiind of person do you think i am? "a strange one" cant argue with you there. See you xx he is just so damn hot urgh nom,

Ilovestephaniemeyer :) xxxx bye

The man i love


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