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my typical saturday; and what i hope to see in breaking dawn films.

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hey guysss

so today was pretty much my typical saturday; read fanfics about the wolf pack, connor comes round for a bout an hour us both still in our pj's, i have the house to myself until one, druel over pics of the wolf pack,read and comment and blog on twilight wiki. have pizza go to work considering i work in a garage and its shit weather it was empty, go home eat a shit load of chocolate until i feel sick, watch a film eat more chocolate and have ice cream. IKR the best saturday eva, well its my saturday obviously i dont just do this every saturday i do other things but this is what i love to do. the isle of man weather is pretty bad some times as bad as how forks is described but ehh we get nice summers-sometimes. Anyway im just going to make a list of what i want to see in the breaking dawn films part 1 & 2;

  • The wolf pack
  • Seth
  • Embry, Quil and especially Paul ;)
  • More seth
  • Maybe a bit of jacob
  • the wedding obvs, although i condem them both to hell (ha one of the boys said that to me in geography and i got told to shut up laughing by the teacher which only made me laugh more, lol. He said that is disgracefull behaviour from a set one student and i was ike sir he condemed me to hell.....xD)
  • Seeing bella preggers.
  • Even more wolf pack
  • watching a fim not from bellas point of veiw but jacobs ( i am actually really looking forward to that.)
  • Sams voice cause i love it <3
  • Jacob being mean to rosalie and rosalie making comments right back at him
  • more wolf pack
  • a hell of a lot more wolf pack
  • bella beating emmet in an arm wrestling match
  • and more wolf pack
  • AND THE COVENS COMING TO GETHER. i really cant wait to see all the covens including the irish coven, denali's and seeing the voturi again <3
  • I know we probably wont but i really want to see benjamans powers.

Well i have a big list and there is actually more but i will stop there. Comment if you want or just eat a lolli pop on my behalf.


Feel free to comment if one is on your list or you want to mention one on your list. :D

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