Hey peeps

hope u got fooled by the title. Nawwwwwwww my life is great :) school is okay, homework is not but that's just life and well my friends and you guys are amazing as eva, obvs ;) so yestarday was a bit glum i know and with us all back at school now we just dont have the time which is really sad :( but we still love eachother so dats alright. This one is another short one sorry about that :( But when saturday comes i will dedicate all my time to you and tell you all the gossip at my school cause you'd love that. But we arent a typicaly high school ;) to all my lovelies out there i love you and have a hreat time at school *boo booo* i know, iknow terrible hehe bye bye

Ilovestephaniemeyer ;)

happy buddy i love you, thats right you just got a call out buddy ;) you know who you are

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