Heyy guys .

Hopes all well in far far away,i have been hooked. I was reading some of the comments on cauis's page and came across a comment containing the link for a site, and i read a few, and now i am officially hooked :D.

Iwould defintly reccomend to give it a look. I am certinly more into the ones about : Jasper, the volturi or the wolf pack i found them more interesting and have always wanted a book released completely about the wolf pack xxx Embry <3xxx, i also find other peoples veiws amazing, i've read some stories so far which have been amazing, 2 i have really like so far has been one about jane from the volturi , i loved the writers take on the volturi who like to get drunk :P i also love how jane gave alec a green mohark. one i also absouloutly fell in love with had to be one called the amazing life of leah clearwater.( <---------------- at the end of the blog i will leave a link to the site for those who think they might enjoy) And then there is one i am talking about now and i am not going to lie i am in love with it, i cannot put my laptop down. It's called vunerable by an author called SARAH DB <--- some of her other stories are really good aswell :)

so here is my obsession for the next couple of weeks :P i am going back to school on tuesday the 6th and cant say i am dreading it, those blogs will probably be about school, but my school is quite interesting so keep reading live happyu and have a good day and all that shit

Ilovestephaniemeyer xxx

P.s here is the link for fanfiction if you dont want it just type in :)))) keep reading ;)

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