Hello there guys, hows it going.

I'm not a twilighter who sits there admiring the actors who play the caracters, i am more in love with the books.

i am a personal believer in the book is better than the film as i always have. I do like and enjoy the films but you cant snuggle up in bed with a film, now can you. i am very new to blogging but i want to make a promise to blog every dar and it to be about twilight.

so today i thought i'd get it out there that i am completely team stephanie meyer. i think she is an amazing author. she writes like writing is an art which it most proberbly is to her. she amazes me with her words, and actually makes me wonder how a human can come up with such an amzing book. but she didnt only do it once she did it 6 times! i am truely against and angerd by those who say they are true twilight fans but cant even read the book and what i say to them, come back and talk when you've read! so i hope you've enjoyed my blog i will write tommorrow as i have promised. And i would like to say that i currently enjoy reading the twilight books over and pver again. So tommorrow i wil blog about my favourite moments in new moon and twilight then the day after eclipse :)

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