Hey guyssssssssss

How it goin, today was the best day ever with my volcano buddy/ one of my best friends

So my geography gave us homework to make a volcano. *Class groans, some cheer* I go to the teacher, "Sir can we just not do it and you make it for us?" "Ha nice try but make it yourself. SO me and my friend deciede to do it with paper mache and the old fashioned way, flour and water. So we have a big leftover bucket of paper mache. A really big garden and her 16 year old brother. And another of our friends. What do you think we are going to do, of course we are going to have a paper mache fight. I GOT COVERED AND MY JEANS DONT GET ME STARTED XD and her brother and me were talking and then my dad came along and wrecked it. THANKS DAD X its not like i fancy him, but i like to talk to him and all that. and he is cute ;) So then it was all good. my hair was covered in the shit but it was worth it and that my friends is how you make a volcano. And guess what i found out breaking dawn part one is coming to the isle of man earlier than expected YAY :D



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