i am really, really, really happy today and i dont know why considering i got a shit load of homework LOL. Anyway so last night i found out that vampire suck was showing on sky and i have sky anytime I HAD TO WATCH IT I COULDNT HELP MYSELF so i popped some pop corn and poured ma coke. (when i say i popped popcorn really my brother did it for me, cause i was too lazy ;) ) i sat down, typed in the pin and waited for it to begin.

ALTHOUGH i exepected it to be much funnier it was funny, i loved the conflict between team jacob and edwards fans. From were i was sitting i think team jacob won. And im not just saying that because i dont like edward i think team jacob actually won. TEAM JACOB BITCH- ha the funny little ginger girl how she made me laugh. ( wasnt trying to be hair-ist then its just i thought it would be easier to understand who i was talking about. JASPER i thought it was sooooooo funny, jasper just looks funny NO OFFENSE. Anyway although i wanted it toooo be funnier it was pretty good. OMFG MR CHOW PLAYED ARO PMSL ohhhhhhh i loved it anyway thats all i have time for today. Peace and all that chizz enjoy life and keep twilighting

Vampire Sucks 1

sorry but loook at the difference to him and da real jasper LOL :'D

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