Hey guys

So i have been asked a lot of questions so here are the answers.

  1. Yes i refer to nessie/renesmee whatever, as the leech with the middle name carlie. Sorry if you're affened but to be honest i dont care.
  2. Yes when i was little i pucnhed a boy who attempted to bully me, lets just say he never tried after that. niether did anyone else for that matter.
  3. Yes my friends call me carlos. and why? because in the first year at high school we picked out boy names for each other and typically, mine is the only one which stuck. The boys tend to call me carlisle but i hit them and they stop :D
  4. And well no i hate the wolf pack, seriously cant remeber who asked me that on chat but come on. That's a ridiculous question I.LOVE.THE.WOLF.PACK <---if you dont know the answer by now, go be an ostritch.

Sorry if you're confused but whilst on chat i have been asked these things and thought i would get them out there so i am never asked them again. Anyway i have homework, not fair. I GOT HOMEWORK FOR EVERY LESSON TODAY.+ IT'S A FRIDAY. no impressed


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