Hey dudesssssss

So i wasn't on yestarday, not by choice but my laptop died and then i had to go on the computer and it wouldnt let me log in :O and plus the s***test thing is well i realised where i'm going to be on the isle of man at the time of the premier in a stupid prize night at my school :P how f***ing gay is that? And it's 3 hours long and last year i nearly fell asleep >:D Urgh and yestaday my google died along with my laptop so when i finally got my laptop to work i couldnt access the internet :o so fustrating.....i thought i wouldn't be able to get on today but here i am :D Anyway i'm so happyyyyy, now i am anyway. How was your day ;)


(P.s any comments made yesterday saying in Brakets from Ilovestephaniemeyer was actually me )

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