So i was on chat today and we were discussing twitter, for a while. But we also discussed how some characters are unaprecieated, it sickins me -_- i mean like claire, quil <- i dont think people apreciate him as much, Collin and brady. COLLIN AND BRADY OWN ! no lie and i dont think people notice them as much BRADY AND COLLIN I LOVE YOU (maybe not as much as the rest of the wolf pack........................yet. And i have been readiing comments saying they want carlos pena to play brady or collin. Now here is a list of reasons why he shouldnt

  • He isnt 13. It would be okay if he was 15 but thats as high as im going
  • Secondly no offense but no way in hell does he suit the character brady or collin for that mater.
  • He doesnt have the right look. NOT SAYING HE IS UGLY he just doesnt have the right image for the wolf pack.
  • Finally HE ISNT WOLF PACK WORTHY i mean all the others are like words just cant describe them, HE JUST, HE JUST CANT DO COLLIN OR BRADY i mean i cant even think of words to describe how awfull he is for the part.

So comment if you want dont comment , but i have a ton of home work to do ( again) so i have to be going :)


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