twilight chat, i seriously missed you guys, it was great to talk to muh happy buddy too. so i am going to miss you lot, especially since i am starting my science gcse lessons :( urgh, love physics, just not bioligy and chemistry :'( im going to cry. ANYWAY LOVE LIFE, i also want to send my sincerist love to all americans in this day of sadness. R.I.P to all the innocent killed in the 9/ll bombnigs including those who lost their lives at the pentagon. I also send my love to those who were affected and lost family, friends or even people they just knew. I also send my thoughts for those who may have died due to debris and smoke later on in their lives. I would also like to give my thoughts to service men and women every where. Even if you are in the coast guard, or in the RAF you deserve praise and thanks for all the hard work you do. We couldnt live without these amazing people and they need to be reminded of this. My heart goes out to all americans today who live in fear of bombings/ terroist attacks.

I live on a small island that stay in its own buisness. So i dont know what its like to live in fear, but i still want to give my heart to those who do. On the isle of man today, i went to a memorial service in my church. And we prayed for all of you. So even though we are half way around the world we pray and think of you guys. I wish you all a happy life and my sadest regards.


xxxxxxxxxxx R.I.P to all the innocent killed and if you havent already bare a few seconds to thnk about their famalies, people who died and people who saved lives.

we are all united even if not in the same continent, my heart goes out to everyone on this sad day.

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