Yo dudes

So for my fanfic i am trying to do a paul pov and it's to be done for tomorrow. So being me in all my weird glory i thought i would try and act like a boy, but not just that a wolf boy.....let me tell you it's pretty hard. I even started observing the boys around me picking up strange habits and stupid sayings. For example most of them sit with their legs apart....gross, most of them flick their head like justin beiber, how can they not have bad necks for doing that? And some of them, stare at girls....suprise suprise. so tomorrow it's all about having the mind of a boy this should be fun, when i write my stories i really get into them. aha i'm dedicated, but seriously being a boy is hard but that's coming from a girl so.......yeah. <--- there's the first two chapters of my fanfic in all of their yellow minion-ness glory. check out my profile dont you just love my name? Aha IwantLittleYellowMinions <---i love despicable me, cause i'm a child. Anyway feel free to review if ya want ;)


(Then ext chapter will be up tomorrow, i tend to update every friday whether it;s 1 chapter or two :)

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