Hey there guys

so i was just sitting there, reading on my bed when my dad bursts through the door shouting school shopping. I let out a little cry, why?. and then i rememberd, the whole point of summer holidays is that you get all excited to then realise that school is in a couple of weeks, Great, but te worst thing of all, yep thats right school shopping with your dad. Going with your mum thats fine but when yur mum tells you she cant take you, you then hear your dad laughing and you think godddd damit why me ?

So i just wanted to warn you if i dont blog tommorrow its because i died..............of embarresment :)

FanFiction, why is it sooooooo hard to find one with alot of chapters which is really good ? and also i dont like to read the ones about bella, or jacob, edward or renesmee, basically i like to read ones about the volturi or the wolf pack epecially paul........yummmmmmm . i love stories about paul, cause he is da best. If you do know any good stories i may be interested in then please do not hesiitate to leave the name of that story below

ilovestephaniemeyer xxx

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