Hey guyssss

Whatever i know, it's really sad but i am in love with sams voice. PLEASE DONT.JUDGE.ME i dont know what it is. It's like everytime he speaks i get shivers sent through my body. It's like when i see the wolf pack i start squeling and get tingles in my body but i cant help it. HAVE YOU HEARD SAMS VOICE.? if not get onto the trailer and listen. It's just so deep and cool, tehe AND OMFG GLEE TONIGHT. i know this is twilightsaga wiki and not glee wiki but i know there are gleeks out there. I CANNOT WAIT............breathe carlie breathe. AHA so any way my life is a bore at them moment except one thing. well i dont like them exactly but boys have been talking to me a lot more recently and i mean the popular boys. i hate them though they are;

  • Rude
  • idiotic
  • ungrateful
  • mean
  • nasty

and a lot more things but they keep like talking to me, its weird. So if you read in the news that an obsessed wolf pack fan has murdered boys in her school in the isle of man then that's me. three of the boys are on my torture list. So mwahahaha they wont really be dead. Just in lois walsh's castle, pucktana and taycob you know what i mean. Anyway enjoy life guys and yes get excited collin and brady are in the films. WOHJKEQBFKJBRNCRKWEJCB <------because words cant describe how excited i am :P anyway bye d bye bye, dont eat bees


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