Heyyyyyyyyyyyy guyssssssssssssssss

wass up. Sooo as you know i have been spending my summer hols in the world of twilight. When i am not on fanfic i am on here, so basically i have spent my summer holiday in twilight world. And i have to admit being knocked back into the real world is weird. I feel really weird :P its weird not being in my daydream :/

Sooooooooo school started today, greatttttt. I am going to admit it wasnt that bad. The third year in high school is most important (according to my tutor) sooooooooo i have to really buckle down, luckily i didnt get much homework today and can come on :D for a bit anyway (; I am really happy bout school, i get the best teachers and the best timetable its great and i am really happy about it. This year should be great.

I got up at 6:30 this morninng i know, i know its inhuman. But i have to now i am back at school :P anyway fanfiction, ohhhhhh fanfiction and how i love it. I am really inlove with ones about paul. I used to hate paul (not just because of bella, i thought he should have ripped her head off) but because he is arrogant and mean to people. But fanfic has really changed my mind about him. Although they are not in stephanie meyers words they are much better :) well thats all i gotta say for today, stay tuned for more. And yes i love you too (;


(* p.s in where i live high schools are different, i mean yes i am in third year but i am still 13. Where im at we ont have middle school (if thats what americans call it, sorry i really dont know :/) anyway i thought i would clear that up for any of my lovely readers who are confused :) bye bye)

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