I am currently in my bedroom hyperventilating.....

I just published my fanfic story, OMG i was so scared but then i said "Carlie you're a wuss, just press publish" And then i did. *died* I'm even going to put up the link to it :o although it is a Paul imrint story, there is a lot of Kim and Jared. Quil hasn't imprinted on Claire and I'm not sure about Embry yet :/

Tell me what you honestly think and feel free to review, actually reviewing is encouraged and critisim cause if it's bad just tell me. That way i can improve on it. OMG I ACTUALLY DID IT. sorry im in shock, oh and a big shout out to all my friends on chat who helped me find the guts to publish it, you guys know who you are ;) <-- thats the link, dont know why it came out like that but it did, please feel free to read it and review and all that jazz. Be critical and dont lie for my sake i can take it. Not lying though i love my name, which is IwantLittleYellowMinions. I was inspired but Despicable me, great film. Anyway there it is, be mean if needed :DIlovestephaniemeyer. <0_0> a nervous ilovestepheniemeyer at that.

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