Sup dudes..

Anyway i was watching E4 and it was the idiot awards, makes me laugh all the time...anyway there was a catagory for most obsessive, and we have all heard of the nuttymadam, if not look her up on youtube anyway she got the award for her reaction. She was at a twilight convention in birmingham where alot of the cast were. And the dude wanted her to be given it by one of the cast. He asks the girl who plays nettie and she says no. HE ASKED CHASKE (plays sam) and he said no in his amazing and lovely voice and he finally asked bronson desperatly and he said yes, and she got huuged by him. I felt sorry for her though cause she obviously looked like an idiot and infront of bronson. I laughed sooo hard though, cause her reactions are very over the top it's only the trailer's aswell not even the films. gosh talk about fangirl mania. but yeah thought i'd share that with you.

Ilovestephaniemeyer. Enjoy the video xxx ahathumb|300px|right|I feel sorry for her, they made her look really silly and infront of bronson but she seems happy bout it so....

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