Well so i was just looking at someother peoples blogs and i cam across one bye team-jacob girl and the new still images on jacobs pack DID YOU SEE SETH OMFG he is just so good looking its not even funny; heres me thinking it's impossible to be that hot but he just went and proved me wrong. before i looked i went "Carlie remember control yourself." But i couldnt help it i started squeling and giggling like a little girl. HE IS JUST SO F****** HOT ITS UMBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! so anyway as well i love paul i mean who doesn't he is also one hot wolf. but his profile pic isnt his best dont you think? Dont you also think, that alex marez looks younger in the films than he actually is?


hehe, i mean come on anyone who says that isnt hot is just weird. Wether you like him or not, he is hot!!!


i love this photo of embry, sam and paul. FLAUNT IT BOIIIIIIIS i mean look at embry YUMMM HONEYYYY

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