Helloooo you human earhtlings.

Im sorry i haven't blogged since two days aga alot of chizz has happened. I think am tempererily deaf in my left ear, my friend broke up with her boyfriend and i am going to have an appointment with the stupidest doctor in the world. I respect doctors completely but this doctor can never figure out whats wrong with me.

Any waY what have i been up to you other than that you ask? Reading fanfiction. Chatting away on wiki live chat and facebook+skype.

Today was good, but i would prefer if somone would erase my memory so i wont wake up tomorrow and remember school in 3 days. *high pitch screaming* <---nice touch hey. SOOOOOOO yh Leave a comment for anything, if you want advice or if you just wanna say hi. I am here for you. Au revoir Muchacha's and yes i know that is two different languages ;)

ilovestephaniemeyer xxxx

P.s. i love you

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