Yo guys

So i have photo shoot pictures of

Alex Meraz, Bronson Pelletier, Guri Weinberg & Michael Welch for Zooey Magazine <----i know

dramatic lettering ohhhh.

Zooey Boys 1 rs

HAWWWWT OR WHAT bronson is looking fineeeee there

Zooey Boys 2 rs


Zooey Boys 3-229x300

Lovin' the bow tie mikey boiii

Zooey Boys 4-226x300

ohhh mike getting all close up with a lucky lady i see ;)

Zooey Boys 5-225x300

ALEX fainted <3

Zooey Boys 6 rs-228x300

oh how i wish i was her :(

Zooey Boys 9-224x300

i see you being my next werewolf i'm obsessed with ;)

Zooey Boys 10-226x300


Zooey Boys 7 rs-230x300


Zooey Boys 8-226x300

nice ;)

Loveeeeeeeeeeee them <3 such sexy pictures xxx nomomomomom love it <3333333

Ilovestepheniemeyer <333333333333333333333333333

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