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so i've been sad all day cause im worried about ma fanfics, i will start writing the finalised one tomorrow and it will be published (DEFFO) and then i remebered i'm off school for the next week HELL YEAH i have all the time to write fanfics WOO HOO. SOOOO HAPPY i'm really upset cause i have two ideas for fanfics i have wrote the first chapter for one but i really want to start writing my new one URGH SO FUSTRATING. i'll get there and if i am confident enough i'll post the link in one of my blogs. OMJB i have the coolest name ever on fanfic, my name is IwantLittleYellowMinions <---haha i love despicable me <33333 i actually got my name from my fanfic. Yeah so i have been writing this first chapter for a while now, i still havent decided on the plot yet :/


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