So as i said yestarday, i read new moon again today. Ic cant lie except for breaking dawn it has to be my favourite book. I love new moon for it's introduction of the wolf pack and volturi. In this book you get a taste of the love edward realy has for bella. Also i love the meeting of the friendship between jacob and bella.

so i think the book is all good quite personally, but there are many moments that make you really get the whole feel of the book. My first favourite moment would be after bella just made paul explode with anger into wolf mode which in the film is after she slapped him for laughing at her. The ride home with jared and embry is also quite the entertaining. Unfortuantly the only bit you really see in the film is embry telling her to not stare at emily as it bugs sam. In the book you read about the car journey with jared, embry and bella. During the car ride embry and jared make two bets. Jared bets 10 dollars that bella will be sick and he also bets that paul will beat jacob or at least hurt him. Obviously embry sides for jacob. in the end embry ends up 15 dollars richer than jared.

another moment that is really eye gripping in the book is obviously the volturi. The volturi has been mentioned before but never met bye bella. Edward went to the volturi after rosalie told him where alice had gone and why, although she didnt mean too. so edward thinks with bella dead that he can no longer be alive either, unfortuantly the volturi refuse to kill him for his special ability therefore ask him too join them, edward refuses the offer and decides too show himself in sunlight and 12 when the sun is at its highest. But if you know alice she ahs already seen this and her and bella have already arrived in volterra and bella stops him just in time before he does something stupid. Then felix and demetri come to get the two lovers and demand them see aro as he has comanded. Alice arrives just in time too cool things down as felix can be very intimidating. then here come jane to save the day, as aro knows no one wants to argue with jane. This is one of the reasons i love new moon you meet aro. For such a terrifying creature he is just always happy. And i truely believe that he is one in a million, ha.

so there are two of my favourite moments in new moon i would continue but blogs shouldnt be too long. Come back tommorrow for my veiw on eclipse, one of the most violent books i must say.

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