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My wolf pack obsession...

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Well hello there.

Have you ever had an obsession then your friends worry, but you don't care but is it weird when your parents start to notice? Yes it is, but you still don't care but when it gets to the stage where you have over 500 pics of the wolf pack in your folders-then you start to wonder. But here's the thing i still don't care, because im a twilighter and wolf pack lover plus im very very very very proud. I've always been like that, not caring what others think and im still like that. So it just proves that high school hasnt changed me, and i want this as a reference for all the populars who said it would.

I'M A WOLF PACK OBSESSER AND PROUD, gosh omg my wolf pack member of the week is paul and i've already started obsessing over Alex Meraz. I think i have like 100 pics of him in my folders. :O


(point of blog, dont let people change you and be true to yourself.)

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