So i was reading information about midnight sun today and i was wondering, why edwards thoughts why not jacobs. We were discussing this on live chat yestarday and were in agreement that we would deffo by a book about the wolf pack or a book of just jacobs thought e.g; what does jacob do after breaking dawn ?, or do he and renesmee get together after all ????. I would also love to read a book about the wolf pack, i mean personally i find the wolves far more interesting than the "vampires" especially since they are vegetarian. I mean the wolf pack are fun, quil and claire, embry always betting with jared over the tiniest things and i would love to read about sam and emilys wedding. I mean they were engaged way before bella and edward so isnt it fair that they should get married ?

So back to midnight sun, i was thinking she is never going to release it is she, i mean she is waiting for people to forget about it but in alll honesty, we twilight fans are never going to forget about it, i dunno if i would wanna read it anyway! I mean it's bad enough being stuck in bellas messsed up head the whole time, but being in edwards head all it's going to be is : i want her blood, want her blood. Sooooo that wont be entirely stephanies best books, but obviously i'll give it a chance since she is an amazing author anyway. So the big question today is what should stephanie meyer right about next and are you wanting to read mifnight sum ? leave comments below

ilovestephaniemeyer xxx
Midnight sun cover by stephanie meyer

The cover which is rumored to be the cover which will be used for midnight sun :)))))

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