ohai there

So im sitting talking on ma bed, on skype talking to ma bezzie reading fanfic obvs, when i say to my friend hey i have a real big craving for some mashed spuds. (patatoes for any of you who were unsure,) and my friend goes to me, mashed patatoe? of all things you can have in the world you have mashed patatoe not sweets or anything but mashed spuds? wow carlie wow you are really weird but i love you for it. Ha i love my friends and you guys ;) So i was reading fanfic and i was really curious but i really want to see collin and brady. And know i cant stop wondering who will be playing them? I'm really curious now and its eating me outside out, URGH I AM SO FUSTRATED! If you have any ideas of who should play him comment them below, i reckon they are keeping it a secret for a suprise. BUT I DONT LIKE SUPRISES. And hopefully they will be 13-14 and it wont be so wrong that i think they're the hottest and fitest in the world. EMBRY AND PAUL <3


xxxxx (P.s. comment if you do know, or have any idea who will be playing collin or brady love ya all. Oh btw im 13 which is why it would be less wrong LOL)

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