Okay I found this and if you don't watch it I'll cry, it gives me life!

thumb|351px|right|I have too much love for this video tooI can't even pick a favorite part, they're all so close and cute it's not even funny. I love it when Kiowa and Tyson are hugging it's so cute. And when Julia's like 'They're all such goofs, but awesome' how awesome are they? And Jared with the umberella. Own it baby, haha. I love how Alex kicks the ball....sorry just a weird moment. AND CHASKE'S VOICE!!!! KILL ME NOW!!! I also love how Kiowa says 'It's a good place to be...with brothers...and sisters....*tyson fits in with sisters* man what are you doing?' HE WAS GIVING YOU A HUG KIOWA!! And the way Bronson says football HE SAYS FOOTBALL NOT SOCCER!! Yay, but footyball. His words not mine. Sorry I'm going to carry on spasming now, continue watching the awesomeness, and I bid you a due.

ILSM 21:53, February 9, 2012 (UTC)

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