Hey guysssss.

I want to make a personal for all haters out there, please stop hating and just shuffle. I have read through history of haters and have found it to be mostly on Jacobs page. I want to say something right now, if you dont have something nice to say and if it is going to insult people dont say it at all. Calling people 'gay' is pathetic, just pathetic. There is nothing and i repeat NOTHING wrong with being gay. No i am not gay, but i take name callin very seriously and bullying. As i know what it's like to be bullied. After punching the right person i never got bullied again, but violence is never the way to solve our problems. Damn my temper problems, anyway i want to say something. And this goes to all haters, im not picking on jacob haters in peticular but come on guys lets have peace. And speak to each other about our opinions in a peacful way. There is no need to insult or be mean, even if you dont think it is mean calling people 'gay' is just damn right cruel. And gay people of the world have no need to be ashamed, let me tell you somthing some of the best people i have met are gay. And they are amazing people and they are no different. So by calling others gay it has no insult to back it up!.

On a lighter note, anyone heard of the goo goo dolls. Well they are my new music obsession, love their song IRIS it owns butt. I'll be going now try not to kill each other when i am gone ;)


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