Hello again xxx

So today althought my blog is called eclipse, i will porbabyly write about other things aswell xxx

So i re-read eclipse today, and realised it's not my favourite book but it is deffintly amazing......... when i read eclipse for the first time, i thought it would be alot more violent, i thought wrong. Although it is pretty violent, i mean its not every day you read about vampires killing new born vampires :P. My favourite bit in eclipse either has to be the bonfire or the fight (obvs).

I think the bonfire bit is just emotional especially when you read about the 3rd wife story, thats quite emotional but for anyone to do such a thing it's extremely brave :). I think when you read about the bonfire you get a sense of why the wolf ppack is there, why it's called for and neccessary for their excistence. I love how emily (sams soon to be wife) is so interested and fastinated in the stories as anyone would be i can imagine. In eclipse we finally meet leah and seth, although they have been mentioned we finally meet them :)
Everyone enjoying the bonfire

Everyone enjoying the bonfire xxx

The fighting scene in eclipse may not be obviouse to what i'm talking about, when is say fighting i'm regarding the chapters which insist on the cullens and the wolves join forces to take on the newborns. In this we meet bree and riley which are the two newborns mentioned. Riley has been tricked by victoria, her claiming she loves him when the only person she has or ever will love is james. But riley doesnt know this. Riley is later killed by seth, the new wolf. Seth gets along with edward and they dont mind being called friends. Seth is fond of edward, but obviously thats because he isnt jake and seth knows they can't do no harm. Edward is also very fond of seth quoting "He has one of the purest, sincerest, kindest minds I've ever heard. You're lucky to share his thoughts." which is what edward said about seth to jacob. I think only in breaking dawn does jacob kinda see that seths not annoying and in a way he kinda needs him, which is sweet seth looks up to jacob and idolizes his every word. Soooooooooooooooo thats is it for todays blog, so come back tommorrow xxx

ilovestephaniemeyer ( but feel free to call me ilsm, if that makes it easier

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