Hello y'all

Soooooo i have an ear infection, great she says sarcastically. Just what i need the day before school and then my doctor says it will last for a few months and for every day for them months i have to take medicine. And because that doesnt suck already, i have 3 different kinds. Woohoo, yay me and in the middle of all that, i have school. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i'll get over it. I must admit i am not too upset about going back but with my ear infection making me moody its not going to be too good :( Send your prayers for me ;) anyway just saw the advert for glee on sky 1. YAY i can't wait i always miss glee when it goes and then when it comes back i'm all like YAY. I bet you know what i am doing on my laptop, you guessed right fanfiction :P i cant help it i think i am addicted, i just cant stop reading it. now thats really going to help when it comes to doing school work nd i get too tempted :P especially now because in half a years time i will be picking my gcse's OMFG time just flies by, you have no idea.

Anyway it's only a matter of days before breaking dawn comes out are we excited, of course we are. Now the thing about bd is its different because we do get jacobs pov (point of veiw) and i am not going to lie it is pretty messed up in his head but no where near as bad as bellas. Anyway what are everyones thoughts on this? Anyway i was on the page for jacobs pack, and why does it say embry and quil are in his pack. Although they stay best friends as always, the dont join. One quil doesnt want too join, because that would mean not seeing Claire his imprint :L which would suck for him and embry wants too but cant do it alothough he still loves jake. IT ANNOYS ME also that in the film that marcus is like old when he is meant to be what 19 :/ awward.....GAY BABY sorry :( anyway i am going to go now and shrivel in pain, i want to also to say sorry to you guys that i would usually talk to on chat that i might not be on, you know time differences and all anyway bye bye, got school in the morning unfortuantly so i am getting everything ready :(


(love you alll,especially those who i talk to on twilight chat :) good bye and please dont be getting youself bitten by vampires (; )

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