Hey there

Dont worry im not too depressed today. Its just i went to bed at three in the morning today (yep cant even say last night) and only got 5 and a half hours sleep. I had at least 20 hot chocolates last night and is shouldnt have hot chocolate before bed ( i have weird dreams and i dont even want to tell you about the one last night. But it actually was twilight related in a way.) I also have an assesment to write, i dont know what people in america would call it an essay? Well here's the thing i get the best scores in history in my year. So i am under a lot of pressure to get it amazing. So i started to listen to depressing songs which are amazing tho.

  • Kelly Clarkson- Because of you
  • Maroon 5- Will be loved ( i know not very depressing but depressing enough)
  • Gary Jules- Mad world
  • Radio Head- Karma Police
  • Coldplay- the scientist
  • REM- everybody hurts. (no one can deny it amazing song but very depressing. EVERYBODY HURTS SOMETIMES. xoxoxo

Yeah so me not good today also last night my brother gave me doughnuts which were out of date. And no i didnt know they were out of date. And guess what? It's raining in the isle of man. But here's the thing IT RAINS EVERY DAY. i love the rain so that has been the best part of my day <3 i love the sound of the rain. Anyway nice talkin, me going to eat pizza now and doritos and chocolate until i'm sick.


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