Hey guyyyyyyyyys

so anyone elso out there who also loveeeeees peach flavour sparkling water? If you havent tried it i honestly feel sorry for you, you poor human beings. Anyway my title love it, i was watching the trailer again I KNOW I WATCH IT LIKE EVERY NIGHT LIKE IT'S THE ACTUAL MOVIE DONT JUDGE ME. but yeah and the beach scene and my reasons for loving it:

  • Seths in it and he is only wearing shorts :O
  • Embry's in it and his hair is that of a gods.
  • Jacob is also in it and damn not taking anything from taycob here but he is fine. Not as fine as embry, paul, quil or seth or one of them very handsome guys but yeah you get the jist.
  • Sams voice AHA i dont know what it is, has his voice changed since eclipse because GOUCHIE MAMA it sounds good. I get goosebumps when ever i hear his voice, its so deep URGH I JUST LOVE IT <3
  • Did i say sams voice already?
  • Leah is in it, and her hair is awesome.
  • Oh and COLLIN AND BRADY ARE THERE. So what they are at a distance they are still in it.

So yeah you will probably find me weird but i counted all the people on the beach. And there were 10, TEN. AND THERE ARE TEN IN THE WOLF PACK ALL TOGETHER WHICH MEANS COLLIN AND BRADY MUST BE THERE :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD sorry i was really excited how the f*ck did i not notice that before? Meep. Anyway love you lots, get sleep and stay away from the caffine.



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