my reasons for wanting to watch breaking dawn part 1:

  • The wolf pack YUMMAYY
  • A LITTLE BIT OF SETH ACTION, niceeeeeeeeee
  • Boo boo is in it more and i get to see my KIOWA.G again. yum yum
  • More wolf pack-wait did i already mention that?
  • Rosalie-----love her, and she is in it more and i love her
  • Brady and collin
  • Emmet, Jasper, Alice and Esme.
  • And more wolf action if you know what i mean, we get to see the wolves more and see them really protective. OMG I AM ACTUALLY SHAKING WITH EXCITMENT :D

So as you can see i dont give a flying monkeys poo about bella and eddy so yeah wolf pack all the way maties. SETH OWNS YOU seth is the one to beat in my opinion. He is da best man and he is hot.

I also just spent the last what 10 minutes staring at a pause youtube image that has kiowa and boo boo in it. (THE BREAKING DAWN PART 1 TRAILER.) gosh how awesome is same vioce? Right on a awesome scale of one to ten it has to be a 9.5 <---in my opinion. And leahs new hair, leah work it And alices hair i think she looks nice. ASHLEY GREENE SUITS EVERY HAIR STYLE NOT FAIR >:( oh she owns it though. So yeah that part of the trailer. SETH HAS NO SHIRT. I THINK I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN mhmhmhmhmhmh :D hehe, heee has nooooooooo shirtttttttt AHHHHHH oh carlie calm down girl. Anyway got to go more homework to do and even more after that. Bye d bye bye

Ilovestephaniemeyer :DDDDDDDDDDDD

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