Yo suppp dudes its me carlie

So i havent been on today, why? Because i was dragged in to go shopping with a few friends butttttttt i did get 2 new books. They look alright but i found a new one written by an author i like, she is called jenny downham. she wrote a book called before i die and i loved that although it made me cry a few tears. This one looks really good it's called you against me. It's about 2 people one called mickey. His sister claims a boy assulted her and is taking him to court. Obviously when someone hurts family you want revenge. The other person is ellie, her brother is the person accused of assulting mickey's sister. I think they fall in love or something im not sure the blurb doesnt give much away.

The other book is called the killing by robert muchamore. Its about a secret organisation and its apparently has its sad moments. It looks really good and i cannot wait to read them. Anyway hope you all had a fab saturday and loved talking to ma girls on chat last night it was great. Well wishes and please do not get hurt.


(p.s. how cute is boo boo, sorry im obsessed :) and btw i still want to see abduction although it doesnt look to good, taylors acting has been praised.)

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