Hey thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

so guys how is it going? School has been great thanks for asking. Note the sarcasim please i mean i have nothing against school except it sucks :P so as you can see the bllog is called bon jovi. And i know you are already hurrened by my language and music taste for the little nerd i am. But bon jovi has seriously helped me through school, i know that makes no sense. But the sad songs help me get through the rough patches in life. I song for example of a sad song (Bed of roses) and then my favourites song in the world. You give love a bad name. SUCH AN AMAZING SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love bon jovi even more thatn my dad and yes that is weird considering how much of a fan he is.

Shot through the heart and your too blame.

You give love a bad name.

I've played my part and you've played your game

darling you give love a bad name. - bon jovi you give love a bad name

I know they are old but their songs are just so amazing. And many of them are just too cool like someday i'll be saturday night. LOVE THAT ONE TOO <3 so guys seriously just enjoy life, cause it aint going to get better than this. We all say we hate school but lets face the facts we dont really. LOL anyway enjoy life and live it to its fullest because you know it's worth it. Love you all and you love me too ;)

Ilovestephaniemeyer ;)

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