Hey guys

Anyone else have a shit monday? Yeah well i did, it was pure shit. For a starter work men were in the house repleacing the windows. Secondly me and my friend were messing around in english (remeber when i told you the teachers hate me?), yeah anyways my teacher moved my friend and moved the popular boy i hate with all of my life next to me. In fact he was the on ipunched when i was little and his dad is my doctor and i also HATE his dad. :(((((((((((99 and to make it all better it started raining like f***, and i had to walk from the bus stop to my house.

But on the plus side, in music we litened to a cover version my teacher was raving about. AND I LOVE IT, i also love love love the original. Well the song is called where ever you will go, i love the original by the calling OMG I LOVE THE CALLING, anyway we were listening to the cover by Charlene Soraia and it's amazing. And yes it's of the twinnings advert but that's not the point. ITS AMAZING look it up on youtube, so worthwhile ;)

Ilovestephaniemeyer ;)

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