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Hey there lovilies.

So it is half past 11 over here and many people in america are probably in school, well over here in the isle of man i have the next week off, BOO YA!!! well i thought if i upload the picture onto twilight wiki and then try to change it to be my avatar it might finally work so yeah here's the picture anyway...

Normal as it gets

AHA yeah he is riding a washing machine, thats just how he rolls.

Umm he is fit and you know it.

I love this picture of him, hard core pwarrrrr

So i have pleanty more photos like these in my folders, at the moment these two are my favourites, yeah he is on a washing machine but i love him for it. AND I HAVE THAT SHIRT *dies and goes to heaven, but gets kicked out*. and the one on the left is just plain sexy. Pwaaaar, alex you are definitely a person of interest.

Ilovestephaniemeyer. xoxoxox

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