Hey there

so i've been reading alot of comments lately about Ashley Greene, and not many of them being nice. On a ratio of being every nice comment there being 10 not nice comments. Obviously Ashley isn't the only one who gets dised and hated by people who dont even know them but i thought she is the one who stands out.

My point of this post being that i dont think non-celebrities actually know the stress that holywood stars go through. We all sit here at our laptops/computers and talk shit about her especially those who are just going qith the crowd. I suppose if she has given you a personal reason not to like her and that you know her, i suppose that is okay but she hasn't done anything to us so why do we dis her? So i suppose thats my point of veiw and the question i've been asking and wondering about.

After asking some people on here and in the outside world i have realised that many say she is a nusence and she gets drunk alot. But thats is none of our buisness. She cant help the paparazi following her everywhere, her every step and relaishinship. So when you next see a bad comment about a celeb think do i really care enough and is it any of my buisness. Which lets face it, it wont be. Well thats how i see it. But obviously it is all about opinions, so there is mine i would hope you would be in agreement but if not well thats your opinion, but in all fairness i feel sorry for ashley greene and personally think she is an amazing actress.

ilovestephaniemeyer. xxx

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