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Meet actor Amadou Ly, he has now revealed in an interview what he will be doing in BREAKING DAWN PART 2 yeah part 2 not part one so don't look out for him. He also spills the goss about the people on the set and his new co-star Hanelle Froehlich....i will give the link but here are a few question and responces....

So Melissa Rosenberg created a new coven and you are the main person in that coven?

You will recognize me, and you will also recognize Janelle Froelich, so it’s me and her. And it’s gonna be amazing. The scene, the fans are going to love it.

Can you tell us where your coven is from?

Yes, we are the French vampires. Basically, my character Henri was born in France, and he is someone I was able to relate to as far as someone who is trying to put his life together and succeed in life. And also another great thing about it is that Melissa and Stephenie Meyer, they gave us the script but a lot of the back stories we got to create ourselves. So it was very fun to be able to do that.

Were you intimidated by anyone before you got there? Maybe by the success of Kristen and Rob and Taylor?

The good thing about this cast is that they were all so open and down to earth. I was, and still am, a huge fan of Michael Sheen. And being able to meet someone who really inspired me as far as my acting, I was really grateful for that. But as far as the cast goes, they were all wonderful and down to earth.

If you could choose any other character in The Twilight Saga to play, who would it be and why?

Probably Demetri, Charlie [Bewley]’s character. There’s a lot of surprises in there for that character. And I think fans are going to love to see the Demetri that Bill Condon has waiting for them. But also I am a huge fan of my character, because he’s a brand new character, and also there are a lot of things the fans are going to love about the new characters. Yvette, Janelle’s character, and my character, there are lot of surprises and fans are going to love iit!

So there you have it, are we going to love it? He keeps saying there'll be a lot of suprises but do we want suprises? Leave your comments as you wish. To be honest i dont know what to think of all this so....i think it's opiniated ;/

Ilovestephaniemeyer xxx

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