Hey dudes, I would blog my review but instead i posted it on the page Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie reviews. But overall I was very VERY disappointed with the film, especially the lack of the wolf pack. (My new saying =D)

Anyway remember how I was having trouble changing my avatar IT WORKED FOR ONCE! Yipee. I miss my old avatar though, I had it for so long I learned to love it and it was mine. I'm sooooooo sad now :( Never mind (;

So just thought I'd let you know, plus I haven't posted a blog since my one about the new coven. OH BTW my fanfiction has been very succesful and people have been reading it, reviewing it, adding it to their favourite stories list AND ADDING ME TO THEIR FAVOURITE AUTHORS LIST and putting it on alert. Sooooooo happy :D But un-happy about breaking dawn part 1. It was a great film but such a disappointment, I have now loward my expectations for part 2 so I'm not as disappointed if it's not good as well.

Ilovestepheniemeyer. xxxx <--------since my video thing won't work, but a special birthday messege from a little friend of mine, LOVE IT. Sorry if I posted it after your birthday, in that case it's an extrememly early birthday messege.

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